Stop Eating Rubbish

Let’s be honest, most people have appalling diets. This probably includes you, but we are going to change this.  

Most people around you probably have shocking eating habits, too. This might be your excuse for why you also eat diabolical foods. Well, you’re not fooling me. Take some self-responsibility right now.

I don’t care if everyone else in the world eats pizzas every day. Have the strength to say no. Do you want to be just another sheep in this world?

No offence, sheep.

Thankfully though, you don’t have this excuse. There are lots of people in this world who have strong mindsets, and eat extremely healthy diets. Keep these people close to you. And if there are none around you at the moment, you can still get around this ‘problem’.

Even when there are no disciplined people around me, I listen to podcasts and motivational speeches from successful people. You might not know them personally, but you are still surrounding yourself with their mindsets, if you listen to them frequently. And if you prefer, read books written by successful people. In today’s world, there really are no excuses not to live a healthy lifestyle.

One factor that might attract you to a healthy diet is the fact that you don’t have to stop eating rubbish food completely. Sweets and other stereotypical ‘bad’ foods make up roughly 5% of my daily diet. I don’t solely eat greens and meat, but when it’s only 5%, the ‘unhealthy’ food is actually necessary.

Let me explain.

If I’ve just completed a 90 minute session at the gym, I might eat a chocolate bar afterwards, to provide my body with some sugar. But I don’t then go home and eat a packet of digestives, or order a McDonald’s. That’s just ridiculous. Why even go to the gym, if you’re going to eat like someone who doesn’t?


And I’m not saying to never eat a takeaway again. But make it a rare activity. The last time I ordered one was probably a month or two ago. I will have them, but I do not allow them to become a part of my diet.  

Thankfully, once you get into the habit of eating healthily, it stops being a chore. You actually start to despise the prospect of eating takeaways and other toxic foods. And while you might think that’s impossible for you, believe me, it isn’t. During my school years, I would come home from school, and go straight to the fridge for a can of coke. Then I would spend most of the evening eating sweets and cakes. Yet I would still wonder why I couldn’t finish my dinner.

And don’t you dare try to use the excuse that whenever you’ve tried to eat healthily before, you didn’t like it. I guarantee that you only tried it for a couple of days or less. After a few days of eating well, your body will adjust.

Crucially, eating poorly significantly worsens your performance in almost anything. I remember the hangover-type feeling I would get after eating burgers and pizzas.


I wouldn’t  really want to do anything, which either lead to doing nothing, or doing something with half the effort. This in turn lead to half the performance I would usually put in, whether that was when I played a football match, or wrote an essay.

Clearly then, eating unhealthily damages both your physical and mental performance. Even the desire to make your own bed goes decreases, and there is consequently this butterfly effect, whereby you harm many aspects of your life. And it all started with eating a pizza.

Persuaded you to eat well yet?

Well, if I have, then you must resist peer pressure at all costs. I’ve had it so many times when people tell me, “Just relax” or, “Just come to KFC.” These people are only trying to lower your standards, because you are a literal reminder of their laziness. You are reminding them of their own unhealthy lifestyle. By seeing that it is possible to eat healthily, they feel a sense of guilt that they are not eating well. They know that they could, and should, yet they don’t. Ridiculous.

You don’t even need to bother arguing back when people tell you you’re silly for eating healthily. Just know that you are right. The most important lesson I’ve learned from eating well is to know that when you are being criticized for doing something you know to be good, then you are doing something right.

So don’t be a sheep, and trust your own decisions.

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